Saturday, May 12, 2007


KIM: It is now Saturday evening in Vienna. The three of us flew all night on British Airways and landed about noon local time in London. It was really fun to fly in over the city while the weather was reasonably clear. We first saw the Thames, then the London Eye and Parliament. Then we spotted Big Ben and Kew Gardens, all from the air! We landed at Heathrow and waited on queue to use the loo, ha ha! Actually we were herded like cattle through the International satellite terminal and into waiting coaches (buses) to transfer to the local international terminal. I guess that means travelling to other countries in the EU. Once we arrived there, we had to pass through security again and then split up. A&S went to terminal 1 to head to Rome, and I went on to terminal 2 for an Austrian Air flight to Vienna. The first flight was 9hrs, and then 2 hrs to Vienna. I have one more leg tonight to Klagenfurt Austria, which is just on the other side of the Alps from Slovenija. A new friend, Saso Golub, will be picking me up and taking me to Bled, which I hope to explore in the morning. Thats all for now. Tomorrow should be interesting!

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