Sunday, May 13, 2007

Soca River Valley

KIM: On the way down the Soca Valley side of the Vrsic Pass, the river is a beautiful shade of milky turquoise. We stopped to check out this narrow passage that kayakers love. A few miles further on, the river is dammed and forms a large reservoir, but retains the amazing color. The second photo is the diving platform at Most na Soca (bridge over the Soca). I believe that Saso told me the platform is 10 or 12 meters above the water, and that the youngest jumper was 7 years old and the oldest was 70. The Soca River, in case you hadn't guessed, is the high-adventure watersports capital of Slovenia. Tomorrow I will walk around Lake Bled and visit the castle and the island church before leaving Bled for Planina and Postojna, where I hope to find Urbas and Brencic relatives.


Anonymous said...

Great photos, Kim. Bruce and I are enjoying your blog. Happy Mother's Day! Jody

Anonymous said...

Dearest Anastasia:
I don't know at which point you are on your Serendipity Tour, since you just left WA on Friday, but I am eager to read some of your posted experiences. I think you are doing something many homosapiens dream of doing but never "get around to". Here's my challenge to you, should you choose to accept...Have your photo taken with a Croatian woman who is also 37 years old.
vidimo se kasnije,

Anonymous said...

I almost feel like I am there too!
Beautiful! You didn't do a half- gainer off the diving platform because????

Thinking about you...

Love, Cheryl

Bob and Gayle said...

Wow what great photos and narrative. Were enjoying being in your backpack.
Bob and Gayle