Monday, April 23, 2007

Studeno, Slovenia

KIM: Today I discovered that it is more likely that the Brencics originated in Studeno, Slovenia. I had previously thought that they had come from Podlipa, but further research suggests otherwise. When Jakob and Ivana Brencic arrived in the US in 1906, Jakob listed his uncle Johan Brencic as the person they would be staying with until they found a permanent residence. According to my research, Johan arrived in 1903 listing 'Kaltenfeld, Austria' as his previous address. Research shows Kaltenfeld was an Austrian name for Studeno, and is very close to Planina and Liplje.

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sully said...

Hello out there!
My name is Daniel Sullivan. I was trying to get an "e-message" out to Stacy Brencick. I saw a picture of her with a dog in her shirt's "hat pouch".

What are ya'll doing in Slovenia/Croatia???

I rented a copy of a film version of "The Fantastiks" with a guy from "The New Kids on the Block" and a gal named Jean who played "Luisa", an uncanny twin of Anastacia Brencick. I played Henry in the play with Stacy at TLC many moons ago. If you see her, please tell her "hello" for me and perhaps give her a kiss on the cheek. She always made fun of the way I drive.

Daniel Byron Sullivan