Sunday, March 25, 2007

Planina or Pivka Slovenia, 1970

KIM: This photo was taken of me (center) with two relatives, Mitko and Mojca in 1970. I would love to find them again, but I don't know their last names or even their relation to me. I believe they were somehow related to the Urbas family. Other people in the same family were Elka, Marija, Jacob and Louise.
Today I received a lovely email from a professional tour guide named Dragan Bekcic. He has been so kind helping me look for some of my relatives as well as teaching me about the meanings of town and place names and connecting me with local musicians. He has already called a few Brencics in the area between Vrhnika and Pivka and found a few people who may know of our connections. This is very exciting and I can't wait to meet some of these folks! Dragan is a real gem!
Anastasia is also having similar luck finding her people in Croatia. Fortunately I will be able to meet both my relatives and hers. I imagine we will hear some wonderful stories!

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