Thursday, March 22, 2007

My Brencick Family

ANASTASIA: We are two months away from our big adventure and I have been blown away by the response to my blanket emails to my extended family. When I was doing preliminary research into the Brencick family a year ago, I felt discouraged. I went to the Ellis Island website to find out dates and names of Brencicks who have come over, to find nothing. Several of the geneological websites did not come up with any Brencicks either. Once I decided to just go to the source and ask my extended family, I was greeted with wonderful emails, contact information of family in Croatia and even the dates of a Brencick family reunion in St. Louis! My hope is to gather our the family I find in Croatia and do a live webcast to the reunion, as it is happening during the time we will be in Croatia. I submit the emails from my family and am asking anyone with stories, memories or places to find Brencicks in Croatia to please write in!

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