Thursday, March 22, 2007

Email from Tom Brencick in Germany

Hello Anastasia,

A pleasant surprise to hear from you. Over the years I have known of your existence but unfortunately there has not been so much contact between our sides of the family over the years. The geography of course did not make it easy.

The family in Croatia I know quite well. Since the Crotian-Serbian war at the beginning of the 1990´s I have been there several times with the Brncic´s Branko and Paula and their older children Nevin (with girlfriend Melita) and Brankica. There are more relatives in the small village, Pecca, but they are mostly more distant or people you don´t really want to know. Over the years Brankica has been the contact person since she speaks good English and is more often at her parents who speak no English. She lives in Rijeka. Knowing the family there has been a joy for me and I have also visited with both my daughters and brother Bill on separate trips. There is more to say but I don´t think I can write that much.

As for myself I have lived in Gemany (Bavaria) for 25 years now. I work a lot and travel quite a bit around the world. I am now probably more European than American but I imagine someday I will either go back to the States or, if health allows, have places here and there.

If you have any more specific questions just ask. Also if you happen to fly through Frankfurt, you are welcome to visit me in Aschaffenburg.

Good luck!


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