Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rovinj Croatia

KIM: We spent a lovely day yesterday exploring the cobbled lanes of old Rovinj. The cobblestones here are made of old limestone and are worn slick and smooth from literally centuries of foot traffic. It is really beautiful. The apartment/villa we are staying in is just a short walk above the old part of town, near a Franciscan church, whose belles seem to toll hourly. This is a real local neighborhood, so there is lots of noise from daily life. Our host Korinne, is a very nice woman, who speaks Croatian and Italian. Today we are headed into Pula to see the Roman coliseum and other ruins. The photo at the top is of one of the two views from our villa. The other one our waiter took at our harborside lunch yesterday. Hello to everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ladies

I am loving the photos and comments. It feels like I am traveling with you!

Stay safe.


Joyce said...

Beautiful sky there on that you could see from your Villa. What does a really good meal cost there? Just wanted to get an idea. Continue your adventures and really enjoy seeing all the different places.