Friday, May 18, 2007

Here in Zagreb

ANASTASIA: I have ten minutes at this internet cafe and will write much more later. Hello from Zagreb! The y on the keyboard is where the z is on an American keyboard. FYI, folks. This is the first day in Croatia. It is a windy 72 degrees, clear sky, and it feels good here. Really good. How can I explain that? It feels just like my hometown in Washington state, really. There are stinging nettle plants, alder trees, lots of oak trees (word to the treegirls!), and the people are absolutely kind and patient. Most speak at least basic communicative English. I feel horrible that my brain cannot retain a simple zdravo, or hello. I have two weeks to have it solidify. My first meal has been a lovely pizza and a pivo, or beer. This is a common, cheap meal for Croatians as we are in the north and have alot of Italian influence. I would like to write about my experience in Italy soon. I am still digesting the wonderful place of Villa Spadara; a family villa that grows lemons, grapes and I think also blood oranges, as we had them at every meal for a treat. I was there for a conference. It is a conference on the focusing technique, and how it applies to bodywork. THis will be where my graduate thesis will find fertile soil! Somehow, writing from Europe makes me write differently than I talk. Well, I look forward to writing more later AND downloading some pictures so that you can be here with me! Until then, dovidenja!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to sharing a pivo and hearing tales of your adventure when you return.

Anonymous said...

It just sounds wonderful! We're with you virtually all the way -- this is pretty cool! Have a great time. (South Whidbey is kind of stormy and nasty this weekend - you're in a better place.)