Sunday, March 4, 2007

Slovenian Brencics

KIM: This weekend I found a genealogy website of a group of Slovenes in Waukeegan Illinois. Among the photos on that site were two of the 1905 wedding of Jacob Brencic and Johanna Korencan (see one at left). It's not clear if these people were actually married in Waukeegan, or if they came from somewhere else and their descendants ended up in Illinois. I do know that my father's father's father's name was Jacob Brencic, his wife's name was Johanna (although I understood that her maiden name was Zalar), that they lived in Pennsylvania, and would have been married around 1905. So, this photo could be of my great grandfather and great grandmother. Also on this website was a description of how so many Slovenes came to the US in the early years of the 1900s. When the railway connecting Vienna, Ljubljana and Trieste was built, many Slovenes from the area were hired at good wages to help construct the line. Once it was finished, the well-paid Slovenian families left for the US. From my research, it seems that all of my relatives came from the part of Slovenia that the railway traversed. In fact, one genealogy I found listed at least 40 Brencics, all originating from a town called Podlipa, just west of Ljubljana. Interesting...

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